Wireless communication for storage cells

Wireless communication for storage cells

First process computers with wireless communication for storage cells

Within the horticultural sector, SERCOM has already supplied several systems in which the central process computer communicates wirelessly with the various field stations or dosing systems. They are often located at great distances (up to 5 kilometres).

For the first time, however, there are now also two companies active in the agriculture that use this wireless system. Our dealer in Germany, Van Amerom GmbH in Ostingersleben, has installed a Sercom computer. The computers are installed at two potato producers that monitors and controls the various storage cells wirelessly. This concerns a distance of several kilometres where all data is registered and controlled in real-time. It concerns the companies Axel Hengst in Möhnesee and the company Eckhard Schwarze in Twistringen.

In addition to greenhouse horticulture, open field cultivation and the soft fruit sector, this unique system is now also being used in arable farming.

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