Advanced cloud processor board and open software platform

Advanced cloud processor board and open software platform

SERCOM leads agricultural innovation with its advanced cloud processor board and open software platform

In the heart of Lisse, Netherlands, SERCOM positions itself as a leader in agricultural technological innovation with its latest development: an advanced Cloud processor. This dedicated hardware redefines the management and supervision of agricultural control systems, offering a series of advantages that stand out in the market, also for its compatibility with AI tools.

1. Direct internet connection: An independent and secure approach

The cloud processor board from SERCOM connects directly to the Internet, eliminating the need for intermediary commercial PCs. This not only reduces potential points of failure but also eliminates dependencies on licenses and updates of commercial operating systems like Windows. By not being subject to these factors, Sercom’s customers can enjoy greater stability and security in their operations.

2. Efficient supervision and update

One of the most notable features of the cloud processor board is the ability to directly supervise the control software. This allows for remote updates and corrections without the need for a Sercom distributor to visit the site physically. The integration of the latest software is done easily, ensuring that the control systems are always operating with the latest available technology.

3. Connectivity and versatility with VPN

Instead of offering cloud services, SERCOM provides its customers with a secure connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This solution not only ensures data privacy and protection but also allows for smooth interaction between the Sercom controller and multiple user interfaces and external applications, regardless of the provider. SERCOM’s open platform stands out for its ability to integrate with various systems, offering flexibility that competitors cannot match.

4. Prepared for the future: AI integration and open platform

The new generation of processing boards is not only prepared to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) but also facilitates interaction with multiple interfaces and applications. This positions SERCOM as an innovative company ready for future challenges, offering solutions that adapt to the changing needs of the agricultural sector.

5. Compatibility with older equipment

In line with its vision of offering minimal cost to its customers, SERCOM has designed its Cloud-Processor Card to be easily integrated into previously supplied computers. This ensures that all Sercom equipment, regardless of age, can benefit from the latest hardware and software.

6. Open source operating system

SERCOM’s controller operates with Linux, an open-source operating system that offers robustness and flexibility. This choice underscores the company’s commitment to open solutions and its focus on providing customers with total control over their systems.

With the launch of its cloud processor board, SERCOM continues to establish itself as an open, innovative, and future-ready company. By offering a flexible platform, secure connectivity through VPN, and the ability to integrate artificial intelligence, SERCOM not only improves the efficiency of agricultural control systems but also provides customers with the confidence that their equipment will always be at the technological forefront.

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