André Busigel welcomes mini gardeners

André Busigel welcomes mini gardeners

Europe’s Mini Gardeners

André Busigel welcomes miniature gardeners

Sercom ambassador André Busigel from Albertshofen has welcomed 23 miniature gardeners into one of his greenhouses. As part of the project Europe’s Mini Gardeners, the children assembled in one of its greenhouses, to see the planting of the vegetables with their own eyes. The small producers learned everything about substrates, irrigation and cucumber diseases.

First, the mini gardeners looked at the beneficial organisms in Petri dishes, after which the children were working with the cucumber plants. Meanwhile, the big producer told them about the third most popular vegetable in Germany. Busigel can harvest about four million cucumbers a year. That’s about 40 cucumbers from each plant, which are planted three times a year.

Mass producer

André Busigel is a vegetable producer in Albertshofen and, since 1998, he has focused completely on the production of cucumbers. Sales are made via the Gartenbauzentrale Main-Donau, under the brand Albert & Gundel. In addition to master gardeners Reinhard Busigel, Käthe Busigel, horticultural technician André Busigel and Mercedes Busigel, up to 17 people work in the company, depending on the season.


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