ASA supplies project in Thailand

ASA supplies project in Thailand

ASA supplies project in Thailand with Sercom process computer

Agri Solutions Asia (ASA) is one of our dealers in the Southeast Asia region. Recently they have supplied two large local projects. One of the owners of ASA, Thomas Ruiter, gives some more information about one of these projects:

ASA, in collaboration with Speedy Access and the National Science and Technology Agency (NSTDA), has built the horticultural research facility in the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation; the EECI. The EECI is an innovation centre in Rayong Province in Thailand. The ultimate goal is to support the transformation of Thailand into a country that thrives on innovation and improves the quality of life of its people on a sustainable and self-sufficient path.

The research facility consists of 6 glass greenhouses. These greenhouses are equipped with the latest technologies – for Thailand. Each greenhouse is 100% individually controlled for climate and irrigation. All climate and irrigation variables are measured and controlled with high-tech sensors.

The climate variables that can be controlled are:

  • Light intensity (HPS light/blackout systems);
  • Day length (blackout);
  • Temperature (hot and cold);
  • Humidity and
  • CO2 (greenhouse slats and CO2 dosing).

Each greenhouse can also be irrigated individually with a selection of 12 different fertiliser recipes.

The heart of the system is formed by the process computer and the Sercom software. These greenhouses will be made available to the private sector for agronomic research.

Below there’s an impression of what it looks like (click on the photos to enlarge them):

Photos courtesy of ASA

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