CloudVision: Interface for the new generation process computers

CloudVision: Interface for the new generation process computers

SERCOM introduces new generation process computers with Sercom I-Line and CloudVision

SERCOM introduces a new generation process computers, which offers revolutionary possibilities in terms of hardware and software.

ARM card for internet access


The basis of these developments is the ARM processor board. This makes it possible to connect the process computer directly to the internet. What is special is the fact that we can also easily equip Sercom computers supplied in the past with this processor print. This is how we stay true to our vision, namely, that all computers supplied continue to work with the latest hardware and software at minimal cost.

With this new processor board, the latest software can be integrated easily and remotely. A visit from a Sercom dealer is not necessary.


CloudVision interface

SercoVision is the PC operating software used to view the measurements and adjust the settings. The version that has recently been specially developed to communicate directly with the ARM card via the internet is called CloudVision.

CloudVision makes it very easy to connect with the process computer. Therefore, it is no longer required to use SercoVision via the PC. This makes it possible to gain direct access to the process computer by means of a smartphone, tablet or PC on which SercoVision is not installed. With this connection (User Interface) you can view all functionalities and also adjust the settings.

Various subscription forms

This new generation of process computers (I-Line), equipped with the ARM card, also makes it possible to purchase the CloudVision software options in various subscription forms.

Service Interface

For example, it is possible to use CloudVision only as an end user. We also offer the possibility to include your Sercom dealer in that process. This would give them access to the technical situation of your greenhouse, storage cell or irrigation unit. With this option, the dealer has the possibility, on request, to check whether everything is functioning satisfactorily and whether there are any defects in, e.g., sensors or connections. This is the Service Interface.

Support Interface

Finally, it is also possible to give your dealer permission to view and adjust the settings and measurements. This is the so-called Support Interface.

Depending on the subscription form there is the option to automatically receive updates from control software and the operating software (SercoVision). These are then supplied at reduced prices.

With the I-Line process computers from SERCOM, in combination with CloudVision, an important step has been taken in managing your greenhouses or storage cells, providing an even simpler and faster overview of the situation. The settings can then be adjusted or the software expanded from any location.

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