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Dealers per continent

From all over the world, a large number of growers of flowers, vegetables and bulbs have chosen the automation solutions provided by SERCOM. We have a well-planned network of dealers spread over several continents. All Sercom dealers are electrotechnical installers and specialise in the agricultural or cold storage sector.


For each country the sector in which the Sercom dealer is active is specified. The listed sectors are:

  • Potatoes
    Regulating ventilation systems for storing potatoes.
  • Cells
    Regulating storage cells, and drying and storage walls.
  • Greenhouses
    Regulating greenhouse horticulture, the cultivation of flowers, plants and vegetables. We also take care of the climate control of garden centres, shaded warehouses and workspaces.
  • Cold storage
    Regulating cold storage.
  • Irrigation
    Regulating water technology installations, dosing the amount of water and/or fertiliser applied.
  • Chicory
    Regulating installations for cultivating and storing chicory and aquaculture companies.

A star next to a dealer indicates that this dealer has already installed over 100 Sercom process computers

Couldn’t find a dealer in your country/region? Sercom has worldwide coverage with its dealers. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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