Horticulture of Russia 2019

Horticulture of Russia 2019

Horticulture of Russia 2019

Greenhouse Market of Russia 2019

From May 29 until May 31 SERCOM, together with Hortilife and ТеплицСпецСервис, will be represented in Moscow at the Horticulture of Russia (Защищенный грунт России).
The 16th edition of this exhibition is a platform for discussing and presenting the latest achievements in the greenhouse market.

Every year, over 100 exhibitors from Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Spain, China, Italy, Greece, India, Norway, Poland, Finland, France, Sweden and other countries are represented at the exhibition.

Exhibition themes:

  • Innovative energy-saving technologies for growing vegetables in greenhouses;
  • Greenhouse construction;
  • Equipment for irrigation, heating and creating a microclimate;
  • Promising vegetable varieties and hybrids, planting materials;
  • Technologies used for the pre-sale preparation of produce (sorting, packing, packaging);
  • New Russian and international machines used for growing vegetables, flowers and herbaceous crops in greenhouses.

The business programme of the exhibition consists of academic and practical conferences on relevant industry themes, presentations, master classes and contests.

Admission for the exhibition is free. You can register your ticket on the event’s website.

Source: VDNH Expo

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