Opening Hortilife Mexico

Opening Hortilife Mexico

Opening Hortilife Mexico

Today is a day shining with pride and celebration for Hortilife and Sercom. This milestone marks a crucial step in our global expansion and reflects our fervent commitment to the growth and development of the Mexican agricultural sector.

Accompanied by the esteemed Mr. Luis Gerson Rincón, Director of Hydroagricultural Infrastructure of Querétaro, we have taken a step forward to cut the ribbon of our new headquarters.

This warehouse not only signifies an enhancement in our service but also symbolizes our firm commitment to provide more personalised attention to our beloved clients in Mexico.

Furthermore, we are determined to operate primarily through our network of distributors, thus ensuring service excellence at all times.

Thanks to all the guests for their attendance! We want to express our special gratitude to our dear allied companies:  YCOYSANegocios Fluidos and TAPSA. Since our early steps in the country almost two years ago, they have been fundamental pillars for our success.

Also, a very special thanks to the Embassy of the Netherlands and its ambassador for the invaluable support provided in this exciting journey.

Moreover, it’s an honor to have the presence of the executive management of Hortilife and Sercom, represented by Pieter-Jan Overkamp, Michel Bartelink, and Jan-Willem Lut.

We are here to contribute to the growth and development of the Mexican agricultural sector.

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