SERCOM 40 years

SERCOM 40 years

SERCOM 40 years

On January 23, SERCOM celebrated its 40th anniversary!

Mechanisation Exhibition

A small advancement in the festivities had already been initiated during the Mechanisation Exhibition in Vijfhuizen, which also occurred in January. SERCOM, as it has done for many years, participated in the event. At our stand, we introduced the new software platform SERCOM CANalytics, and visitors were treated to delicious pastries.

Anniversary day

The anniversary was celebrated on January 23 in the company of the entire staff, all Sercom dealers, family and friends. We had a reception with staff and Sercom relations from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Followed by a buffet for the Sercom staff with their partners.


SERCOM has achieved many innovations in recent years. For example, there is the Wireless Xtender, which enables the central computer to communicate wirelessly with the local field stations within a range of up to five kilometers. CloudVision (APP) is the new software that, thanks to the upgraded processor board, can now access the process computer directly through the internet without the need for a PC intermediary.

In addition, the dashboard software platform CANalytics, introduced in January, offers extensive insights. Apart from the data generated from the SERCOM process computer, it can also display information from third parties, such as energy management, inventory management, (wireless) sensors, and irrigation options.

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