SERCOM represented at the GPEC 2016 in Tokyo

SERCOM represented at the GPEC 2016 in Tokyo

SERCOM represented at GPEC 2016 in Tokyo


Bas van der Velden of Veldex represented SERCOM with the SC400 at the booth of his Japanese partner HOAGS at GPEC 2016.

Last week the biannual GPEC Greenhouse Horticulture & Plant Factory Exhibition Conference took place at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. The event is one of the most important events to become acquainted with present-day controlled environment agriculture developments in Japan. The fair is organised by the Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association.

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Driven by technology

A walk on the trade show floor confirmed that innovations in Japanese horticulture are mainly driven by technology. The exhibition, which attracted 18,500 registered visitors during its previous edition in 2014, housed many manufacturers of greenhouse technology solutions, all with a slightly different approach on how to grow crops. From extensive crop controls and sometimes even robotised plant measuring tools towards futuristic looking hydroponic setups; ‘the more technology the better’ seems to be the credo, whether beneficial for the crop or not. The level of technological possibilities is high, but ‘crop wise’ the industry still has a lot to learn.

Large scale plant factories

Besides greenhouse technology, even more companies active in the field of large scale plant factories were present at GPEC. The vertical farming and plant factory industry is already a well-established and fairly large industry in Japan, but often still mainly research and subsidy driven. On the other hand, large Japanese tech multinationals like Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC and Kubota were heavily present at the show in order to showcase their interest in these relatively new industries that many Japanese investors and companies want to enter lately. Sercom dealer Veldex had a good exhibition in Japan.

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