Sercom end user Degenhardt Spezialkulturen

Sercom end user Degenhardt Spezialkulturen

Sercom end user Degenhardt Spezialkulturen

Christiane Degenhardt-Sellmann, owner of the flower bulb production company Degenhardt Spezialkulturen, discusses working in a male-dominated sector, family tradition and what she sees herself doing in the future. By prospective specialist editor Yasmin-Coralie Berg.

Holland, the world’s largest tulip producer

Degenhardt Spezialkulturen

Holland is the world’s largest tulip producer. Tulip bulbs – a classic Dutch product, you might think. That is until you meet Christiane Degenhardt-Sellmann. She has specialised in this heavily male-dominated branch of production and heads the flower bulb production company “Degenhardt Spezialkulturen” in Schwaneberg in the municipality of Sülzetal in Saxony-Anhalt.

On a 78-hectare site as well as tulips she cultivates plants such as crocuses and gladioli for bulb production, which thrive in the rich soil of the Magdeburger Börde region. Her efficient approach combines family tradition with horticultural know-how. And word of her skills has also spread to Dutch flower forcers.

“I’ve made a name for myself in the Netherlands”

Tulips in every colour – almost as far as the eye can see and in rows up to 1.7-km long. This is the first thing that… continue reading.

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