SERCOM implemented a new project at Selecta One (Greece)

SERCOM implemented a new project at Selecta One (Greece)

“For us is paramount to be creative in our solutions and always go the extra mile for our clients.”

SERCOM implemented a new project at Selecta One’s facilities in Greece

Since 2017, Selecta Hellas, from Selecta One group, has been working with Sercom climate and irrigation controllers. They trust their solutions to produce more and better in a sustainable way.

Mr. Ignacio Rodríguez is our International Project Manager since 2017. He oversees all the projects that we execute outside The Netherlands. Below he elaborates on the work done in the facilities that Selecta has in Greece. Selecta produces ornamental plants, cut flowers and other types of potted plants. They take advantage of geothermal energy in the area, which makes their facilities respectful with the environment.

1. Mr. Rodríguez regarding SERCOM: What irrigation equipment is providing to SELECTA and what impact has your equipment on irrigation management?
Selecta has four SC800 climate and irrigation controllers, as well as a ferti irrigation unit. This is because, despite not being a very large area, it is divided into 20 different climate sections with high-tech equipment, as well as a geothermal system, from the point of view of irrigation management it is even more complicated. Since it has 174 flood valves with their corresponding ebb valves, 210 overhead valves for fresh water and 162 overhead irrigation valves for fertilised water. This configuration allows total flexibility for crop development.

2. It seems that this is not a standard Sercom configuration. How exactly did you enhance your equipment to answer your client specifications?
An SC800 controller has been added to manage irrigation by nozzles. This allows separated fertilisation for a total of 144 valves. This controller is connected to the others, sharing weather station and energy data. Even more all the controllers are managed through SercoVision software, which allows our customer to have a perfect combined sight of all the processes carried out at the greenhouse.

Overhead irrigation fertilisation has been added to the system, allowing with pre-irrigation with fresh or fertilised water, irrigation with fresh or fertilised water and post-irrigation with clean water again. Given the complexity and the large number of additional valves, we decided to add this specific controller to perform this task.

3. Very interesting and complex process. Please tell me if is it necessary to change the rest of the equipment when a company wants to make this type of expansion?
The advantage of using Sercom equipment is that you can make the necessary extensions without having to change the pre-existing system. That is, you do not have to replace any of the above, just add the new controllers that are necessary and unify everything.

So, let me elaborate further on the aspect of our systems endurability. At SERCOM we have been committed to sustainability and the environment since the very creation of the company. For example, let’s suppose that we have a client with a controller that is more than 20 years old. If this client wants to update it to our latest version, then, and thanks to our “Backwards Compatibility” policy, he only need to replace a small card. That is because at SERCOM, all our developments must be compatible with the previous hardware. This ensures a long useful lifetime of our products.

4. Selecta trusted SERCOM since its inception in Greece in 2016. What is the key to support a client so many years?
The key is our passion to serve our clients. For us is paramount to be creative in our solutions and always go the extra mile for our clients. Therefore we offer very complete projects, long lasting equipment and personalised service. When a client calls SERCOM, the question we always ask ourselves is how we can help them to give them exactly what they need.

More about Selecta One

Selecta One is a world leader in the improvement, cultivation and marketing of innovative plants, both ornamental and functional. Its plant breeding activities include garden and balcony plants, indoor plants, perennials and cut flowers. They have production and offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and are present in the most relevant international markets.

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