Zimflora completely switched to wireless

Zimflora completely switched to wireless

Zimflora has completely switched to reliable wireless measurements and controls


In a previous post on our website we informed you that the company Zimflora in Zimbabwe has chosen Sercom for a significant expansion of their production. This month we were finally able to travel to Zimbabwe to expand the existing SERCOM computers. They are now equipped with the wireless field station variant, the Wireless Xtender.

Last week our project manager Ignacio Rodríguez Gracia was working on one of the many locations of Zimflora to actually implement this. The main computer has now been expanded with four wireless field stations. The distance between the central office computer and the field stations is more than one kilometer.

It is expected that several locations will be equipped with this extremely reliable system. Drone recordings are currently being made so that it is clearly visible what wireless control and measurement entails. We hope to show you more soon.

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