[Englisch] Improved coco buffering with new dose unit with SC400

[Englisch] Improved coco buffering with new dose unit with SC400

Improved coco buffering with new dose unit with SC400

coco buffering with new dose unit with SC400

During the last two decades, ever growing concerns regarding slow renewal of sphagnum peat, which is widely used in agriculture for production of pot plants and cultivation of different cultures by hydroponic method, has given rise to more intense search for alternatives, that qualify as quickly renewable resources. In such context coir/coco peat industry has developed rapidly. Many scientific studies and experiments have proven that properly buffered coir is an essential and efficient substitute. It also is a supplement to sphagnum peat products.

Environmental concerns

Nonetheless, while the quick renewability of coir is an applaudable fact in regards to environment protection and sustainable agriculture, the buffering process of coir, has not been an environmentally friendly process and raises some major concerns regarding overdosing of chemical substances and pollution of surface waters. The process is necessary to undertake to assure that coir provides an ideal environment for balanced nutrition of the plants.

In traditional coir buffering methods, taking place at coir producing facilities, the use of buffer agent is unnecessarily enormous. This can be up to 11 kg of buffer agent per cubic meter of coir. Most of it is an overdose and, as the usual process of washing and buffering coir happens simply by hosing or spraying mounds of coir with large quantities of water, the run-off, containing salts and other chemical contaminants end up in surface water, groundwater and soils, causing serious threat for the environment.

‘More’ has been present in the development of coir manufacturing since the very beginning. They have been exploring and striving to develop innovative and sustainable methods. Especially to improve the environmental aspect of manufacturing this quickly renewable resource for agriculture purposes.

Innovative solution

Therefore ‘More’ has come up with an innovative solution. They proudly present its technological revolution in coir buffering: Coco Buffer Dose Unit. This came about in combination with 15 years of experience in development of special high-end fertilisers.

The Coco Buffer Dose Unit is a precise optimal dosing system, developed together with Veldex and SERCOM, that allows you to save up to 80% of buffer agent, be 100% water efficient and reduce the amount of water used by 30%, compared to traditional buffering method.

As a result you obtain coir that meets the the generally accepted quality standards. All this while saving your costs, natural resources and preventing water and soil contamination.

Other practical advantages are:

  • ’Plug and play’ design and user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate it either at producer or grower site;
  • Financially feasible starting from a consumption of 1000 m3 coir. Which makes it suitable and opportune also for small scale users;
  • Can be used for any pre-washed types of coir;
  • Developed in collaboration with Apollo Coco Debaler.

Source: HortiDaily

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