[Englisch] Partner Grimme successful at Agromek 2016

[Englisch] Partner Grimme successful at Agromek 2016

Grimme successful at Agromek (Denmark) 2016

Since 2013 Grimme has already sold 60 Sercom computers with the Storage Manager. The computers are used for drying and storage rooms of potatoes, carrots and onions. The computers were sold to businesses in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. During the Agromek (Denmark) these customers were able to see at the newest software SERCOM developed in cooperation with Grimme.

Brand awareness SERCOM

Agromek (Denmark) Agromek (Denmark)

Our software engineers also visited the Agromek. They saw that their work resulted in several satisfied customers. As a result, brand awareness for SERCOM is increasing. Due to increasing brand awareness, the demand for proven and well-functioning, reliable and affordable agricultural computer systems for drying, conditioning and storage of agricultural products with one central computer is also increasing.

Agromek (Denmark)Agromek (Denmark)

Agromek (Denmark)

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