[Englisch] SERCOM in Картофельная система

[Englisch] SERCOM in Картофельная система

SERCOM in Картофельная система

Recently an article about SERCOM was published in a Russian agri magazine by Картофельная система.

This article highlights several things. First there’s a short introduction about SERCOM and what we stand for. In addition, the article describes that our computers help us achieve different goals with our end users:

  • A better harvest;
  • Lower costs;
  • More insight into business processes.

The article also describes that one of our distinguishing features is the long service life. That a computer is still operational after 30 years is therefore no exception. Computers supplied in the past can always be updated with the most recent software.

The Wireless Xtender introduced in 2018 and the benefits of this system are also highlighted. Up to 16 separate warehouses or greenhouses can be operated via one central computer, up to a distance of 5 kilometres. A number of companies have already started using the Wireless Xtender, both in Scandinavia and in Germany.

SERCOM is represented in Russia by Hortilife and Agrotrade, our dealers. Agrotrade has extensive knowledge and experience with storage spaces and other associated projects.

Source: potatosystem.ru

Russisch blad - Картофельная система
Russisch blad - Картофельная система
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