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Wireless irrigation Honduras

For cultivation in open ground/field, control of the functionalities is usually limited to irrigation. In addition to the actual irrigation systems that SERCOM can supply, we can also supply special process computers that focus entirely on the irrigation itself. We can supply these systems separately as well as part of an external dosing system. Our computers can be effortlessly integrated into existing or to be built irrigation systems from third party suppliers.

For simple irrigation, for example for tree nurseries, where usually no fertiliser is added, we have developed a simple system that is extremely suitable for this. This system can operate on the basis of both time and radiation.

Wireless control

Furthermore, we can control remote irrigation systems in the field. Due to the two-way communication between the computer and the irrigation system, there is an immediate response to the measurements taken on site. This results in an extremely accurate dosing.

In January 2020 we delivered and installed a wireless irrigation system in Honduras.

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