[Englisch] Wireless debut in the USA!

[Englisch] Wireless debut in the USA!

Wireless debut in the USA!

Wireless debut in the USA: Holland America Flowers

At the end of September 2019 we received the definitive order from a renowned producer of cut flowers in the United States: Holland America Flowers. This company has facilities in the states of Washington and California. At the California location, various types of flowers are grown on more than 30 hectares.

We recently received an order for this garden to replace the existing climate computer together with our local partner. The client saw the benefits of our wireless system and we have now delivered a Sercom climate computer with no fewer than 9 field stations, which are controlled completely wirelessly. In addition, the wireless Sercom computer also manages the boiler and the cold store and will include the irrigation in the future.

At the end of December 2019 the installation was completed. As a result, we have now definitely entered the American market with our unique wireless system.

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