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A star indicates that this dealer has already installed over 100 Sercom process computers.

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Find out below which dealers can provide you with more information about our CO/NO safety device:

Australia Dealers: Australia

Contact our sales department for a Sercom dealer in Australia.

Ireland Dealers: Ireland & United Kingdom Dealers: United Kingdom

Lightouch Solutions
Unit 7 Acorn Industrial Estate
Riverview Road
HU17 0LD
United Kingdom

Phone number +44 07557 785640
Contact Mr. Mark Raper
Website Lightouch Solutions

Japan Dealers: Japan

1-6-17 Takadono, Asahi-ku, OSAKA

Dealers: Phone number +81 6 6922 5501
Dealers: Contact Mr. Yorito Sakaeda
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website HODAKA

The Netherlands Dealers: The Netherlands

AWEKA Brandertechniek b.v.
ABC Westland 229
2685 DC Poeldijk
The Netherlands

Dealers: Phone number +31 (0)174 51 72 00
Dealers: Fax number +31 (0)174 51 55 70
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website AWEKA Brandertechniek b.v.

Goedkoop B.V.
Heulweg 20
2641 KR Pijnacker
The Netherlands

Dealers: Phone number +31 (0)15 36 96 520
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website Goedkoop B.V.

Thermeta Service B.V.
Westlandseweg 14
2291 PG Wateringen
The Netherlands

Dealers: Phone number +31 (0)174 62 12 70
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website Thermeta Service B.V.

Van Dijk heating B.V.
Regulierenring 7
3981 LA Bunnik
The Netherlands

Dealers: Phone number +31 (0)30 65 63 844
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website Van Dijk heating B.V.

Zantingh B.V.
Aarbergerweg 9
1435 CA Rijsenhout
The Netherlands

Dealers: Phone number +31 (0)297 21 91 00
Dealers: Email
Dealers: Website Zantingh B.V.

Other countries

Couldn’t find a dealer in your country/region? Sercom has worldwide coverage with its dealers. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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