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Accessory equipment

On the basis of accurate controlling is a reliable measurement. Our modern measurement and analysis equipment makes that possible. A selection from the range of Sercom accessory equipment:


Measurement box
SERCOM developed a compact measuring unit for use in greenhouses and storage areas. The temperature and humidity sensor are placed directly together. Moisture deficit, dew point and energy content can be determined very accurately. The measurement is electronically and therefore little maintenance is required.

Air monitoring

Air Monitoring
If the concentration of ethylene and NOx rises too high in the greenhouse air, the quality and production diminish. These harmful gasses derive from the flue gasses that are used to regulate the amount of CO2 or from 2 equipments with a combustion motor in or near the greenhouse.


CO/NO safety device
Carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NO) are highly damaging to your crop. SERCOM supplies both precise CO and NO meters.

Droog/natte bol meethuisje

Dry/wet bulb measuring box
This compact measuring box can be used in greenhouses. The dry and wet temperature sensors are placed directly together in one housing. The included fan ensures a reliable measurement. The regular replacement of the wet sleeve is easy.

Weerstation / weather station

Weather station
This robust stainless steel Weather station defies all outdoor conditions for measuring temperature, light intensity, wind speed and direction and the detection of rain and its intensity.


Voltage detector (DIN rail mounting)
Optimal feedback of fans. Also suitable for engines and pumps.

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