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Our process computers have different operation alternatives. The possibilities are, as mentioned below, by LCD control, SerControl, SercoVision and SercoNet. For more information about our controls, please download the product brochures by clicking on the download icon.


LCD control panel
The colour LCD operation makes it easy and reliable to make the measurements and settings of one or more process computers transparent. The operation is robust, so that it can also be set up in dusty rooms. The transflective display ensures that the image always remains clear and visible with incident (sun)light.

SerControl Manager

The SerControl Manager by SERCOM is a modern simplified PC control program. This program is extremely suitable for touch screen control, gives insight in measurements and settings and gives direct access to the instruction manual.

SercoVision PC

SercoVision enables a clear overview of the control of all automated processes in the company. SercoVision runs on any PC following the Windows standard and is thus easy to review. SERCOM has also developed a package with options for SercoVision, making it possible to produce simple graphs and company summaries.

SercoNet - smartphone

SercoNet grants you quick and easy access to the process computer via the internet. SercoNet runs on any PDA and smartphone. So you can have access to critical company processes anytime and anywhere. Take a look at the SercoNet-demo (login: remote, password: 123).

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