Software package “The New Storage”

Software package “The New Storage”

Software package “The New Storage”

Recently, after years of innovation, SERCOM introduced an entirely new software package called The New Storage (V22).

It concerns Version 22 in combination with SercoView and it is currently available for integration in SercoVision 6. Meanwhile, the software is operational at a large group of leading flower bulb growers.

Nowadays installations are getting bigger and more complex. In practice, no installation is the same. The new Sercom software package V22 can handle any complex situation. With the SercoView Plus software package we keep operation much clearer and simple.

Moving icons and graphic displays provide a complete overview of a company and can be zoomed in accurately per cell department. This immediately creates a clear overview of each individual situation, and can be adjusted quickly and easily if desired.

A map of the company provides a complete overview, after which you can zoom in on certain departments or individual functions, such as the fans, temperature, humidity and any other functions that are important to monitor or to set.

Please watch our introduction video on YouTube. For more questions about these new software options, please contact your local dealer.

The New Storage The New Storage

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