Software subscriptions: a great success

Software subscriptions: a great success

We recently launched the possibility to purchase software options in the form of a subscription. Our software offers many different options, but not every Sercom user actually wanted to use all the options in our package. This gave us the idea to offer this in subscription form.

This has been taken up broadly and many of our (Dutch and Belgian) customers now use the optimal possibilities that our software offers. And all this at a low monthly subscription price. To provide more insight into the possibilities of the software subscriptions, and in particular the advantages of the relevant software options, we have put an instruction video online for each software addition. They can be found here:

You can watch the above mentioned videos with English subtitles by simply clicking on the “Subtitle”-button in YouTube (bottom right of the video you’re watching). You can change the language by clicking the button next to the subtitle button.

Software subscriptions

For more information about our software subscriptions, you can contact us via

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