[inglés] Potato Europe – Skovnæs Kartofler (Denmark)

Potato Europe – Skovnæs Kartofler (Denmark)

During Potato Europe exhibition in Germany, we were visited today by yet another user (Skovnæs Kartofler) of the Sercom climate computer!

On the picture Mr. Lars Petersen from Skovnæs, Maribo, Denmark. Skovnæs was one of the very first clients in Scandinavia who installed a Sercom computer. It was installed in 2013 with the assistance of Brian van Kesteren, Jeroen van Haarlem (both SERCOM) en Arie de Jong. Today, there are 97 Sercom climate computers in Scandinavia, all installed by GRIMME. Mr. Petersen noticed a picture we took of his potato storage cell, as displayed on our stand!

Skovnæs Kartofler (Denmark)
Lars Petersen (Denmark) and Hugo Nijgh (SERCOM)
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