[inglés] Visiting our new Sercom computer in Guatemala

[inglés] Visiting our new Sercom computer in Guatemala

Trade visit to Florida and Guatemala

Trade visit to new SERCOM computer in Guatemala

On the occasion of the opening of Ter Laak AmericaS in Guatemala, a trade visit to Florida and Guatemala will be organised. This will be done together with Idearvelop. International companies interested in Phalaenopsis are welcome to join this trip.

The target group includes producers, (technical) suppliers and trading companies. The main goal is to organise an inspiring week that will create many new (international) business leads.

Last year, Ter Laak AmericaS started to produce Phalaenopsis in Guatemala; flowering plants for the local market as well as semi-finished plants (spiked or non-spiked) for export. In Guatemala, Ter Laak cooperates with a local producer of hybrid vegetable seeds, H.F.T., and with the Costa Rican Phalaenopsis producer Agro Orchids.

The visit to Florida coincides with a Chrysanthemum Event, organised by Dümmen Orange and Ideavelop (a visit to Colombia and Florida). Both groups will meet on Tuesday 12 September at a joint marketing event in Miami.

Source: Floribusiness

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