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[Английский] Вертикальная ферма


A trend that has grown exponentially in recent years, is cultivation by means of Vertical farming, where the entire cultivation process takes place within a closed space.

Since there are no external factors such as sunlight, wind and outside temperatures involved, it is extremely important that the conditions within such a space are perfectly adapted to the crop.

Experience and special software

Thanks to SERCOM’s many years of experience within the flower bulbs cultivation — where bulbs are stored in closed cells — we have built up an enormous experience in recent decades. We have now also applied this experience to Vertical farming, where all functionalities can be controlled and monitored to perfection.

Over the past years, we have already supplied this application to numerous companies. In some cases we also work closely with suppliers of closed units.

Depending on the crop and volume, we have developed special software for growing in a closed environment. We can also supply irrigation solutions. It is also possible to control individual cells wirelessly from one central computer. This is possible up to a radius of 5 kilometres.

More information about what we can mean for your vertical farm? Contact us by sending an email to our sales department.

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