Sercom end user Yili Farm (Singapore)

Sercom end user Yili Farm (Singapore)

Sercom end user Yili Farm (Singapore)

Singapore’s agricultural landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation with its governments ‘30/30’ ambitions; locally producing 30% of the fresh produce, consumed domestically, by the year 2030. Our latest greenhouse irrigation project is commissioned at ‘Yili Farm’. This is a renowned leafy greens grower in Singapore. The project is another step in the direction of Singapore’s ambition.

Collaborating with Agri Solutions Asia (ASA) and SERCOM, Yili has embraced cutting-edge technology. The technology enhances crop production while promoting sustainability and efficiency in farming.

Innovative irrigation system

The innovative irrigation system, installed in Yili’s greenhouse, is set to revolutionise the way leafy greens are cultivated in Singapore. This venture integrates ASA’s and SERCOM’s expertise in irrigation and climate control systems to create an agricultural marvel like no other.

At the heart of the project lies a sophisticated movable gutter system. This movable gutter automatically moves the plants from the transplanting point to its harvesting point, during the crop cycle. These high-tech gutters are designed to optimise space utilisation, improve water distribution, and foster healthier growth for the crops. But that’s just the beginning.

ASA/SERCOM, two trusted names in irrigation and climate control solutions, have installed a cutting-edge irrigation system that provides precise and efficient watering. The system not only ensures that each plant receives the right amount of water and nutrients, but also minimises water wastage, aligning with Singapore’s sustainability goals.

Greenhouse environment

ASA/SERCOM, have also created the perfect environment within the greenhouse. The climate control system carefully monitors temperature, humidity, and ventilation to create optimal growing conditions for leafy greens, allowing for year-round production.

Some of the key features of the project are the fertiliser mixing and storage room. Equipped with water storage silos, UV disinfection systems and a state-of-the-art fertiliser dosing system ensures that the right nutrients are delivered to the plants at the right time for maximising growth potential.

The main aspects of the project is the water recycling system integrated into the greenhouse. Water used to irrigate the NFT movable gutters is filtered, and collected back into a sub-soil drain silo. This closed-loop system not only conserves water but also minimises nutrient runoff, reducing the environmental impact of farming.

Future of agriculture

The collaboration between ASA and SERCOM has not only elevated Yili’s leafy greens production. It has also showcased Singapore’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. By embracing technology and innovative solutions, Yili has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry.

As Singapore continues to face challenges related to food security and resource sustainability, projects like these represent a promising future for the nation’s agriculture. With ASA and SERCOM’s expertise and Yili’s dedication to quality, this greenhouse irrigation project sets a high standard for innovation and sustainability in farming practices.

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Photo and text credits: Thomas Ruiter, Agri Solutions Asia (ASA)

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