Spranco-Matic new dealer for Belgium

Spranco-Matic new dealer for Belgium

Spranco-Matic new dealer for Belgium

Some time ago Bosman Van Zaal Belgium closed the office in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. This meant that the services our Belgian customers were used to were no longer available.

Support Belgian customers

SERCOM finds it very important that end users can receive the necessary technical and commercial support from Belgium. That is why we have done our best recently to offer a suitable alternative.

We found that alternative in the company Spranco-Matic. They are located in Minderhout (Belgium). They offer water solutions for both private individuals and companies/professionals. A sprinkler system, watering for fruit and vegetable crops or a moist surface for horses. Whatever needs to be done, they provide the water.

They are now a recognised and official Sercom dealer. They have their own warehouse stock. They also have a team of qualified service technicians. They are of course also available for commercial services.

More information about Spranco-Matic can be found on their website.

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