Sercom user Teplichny

Sercom user Teplichny

Teplichny: 45 years in a Russian greenhouse – a veteran’s story


This year, Russian collective farm Teplichny has an anniversary. 50 years of production are not only about the numbers achieved and the assortment. It is first of all about people, both young specialists and those whose employment history equals the age of the enterprise.

An incredibly positive and cheerful Evgeny Borisovitch Ermakov has worked in the enterprise for 45 years. This seems a lot, but the veteran claims the time has flashed by. Even though he retired two years ago, Evgeny Borisovitch willingly accepts invitations to events. He is always interested in what is going on in Teplichny, which he considers his second home as he found there not only a lifelong activity but also his spouse.

Mr. Ermakov’s father, who was a tractor driver at… continue reading on

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