Wirelessly controlled potato storage cells

Wirelessly controlled potato storage cells

A dream come true with wirelessly controlled potato storage cells!

Potato storage cells

After the successful introduction of our wireless process computer system for greenhouse horticulture and controlling irrigation systems from a large distance (5 kilometres), we recently delivered the first wireless project for potato storage cells in Germany.

With the help of our partner Van Amerom GmbH in Ostingersleben, we recently delivered a process computer to the company Eckhard Schwarze in Twistringen in which the critical storage process is controlled, monitored and guarded in separate warehouses over a distance of several hundred meters.

At the company Axel Hengst in Gut Wierlauke a dream was also fulfilled. The storage process can be realised wirelessly over a distance of no less than 2,6 kilometres. The storage cells are in continuous direct contact with the central process computer via a radio connection. People not only monitor and control, but an enormous amount of data is constantly being exchanged.

Existing Sercom systems

If you work with a Sercom system, you can also apply this wireless technology to this system. This wireless innovation is a very unique product for a supplier of process computers. This makes the Sercom system a one of a kind and very interesting from a business point of view.

For our process computers for storage cells, SERCOM is now well represented in Scandinavia, Russia and Germany. We are open to new dealers for other regions within Europe, but also beyond.

Do you know someone for whom this system could also be of interest? And are you interested in a referral bonus? Let us know via ruud@sercom.nl.

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