SercoVision on a separate PC

SercoVision on a separate PC

SercoVision on a separate PC

It sometimes happens that SercoVision is installed on a PC at the end user, whilst this PC is also used for other purposes. SERCOM’s advice has always been to install this operating program on a separate PC, but we still see at Support that people install it on the work PC, with all the problems that entails.

This has significant disadvantages:

  • Visibility of privacy-sensitive information such as payroll administration, auction prices, active websites;
  • Active email, or active (web) WhatsApp sometimes needs to be clicked away;
  • An active virus scanner that makes logging in more difficult and sometimes also makes it difficult to save settings;
  • An active firewall that makes sending settings and measurements more difficult;
  • Connection problems, especially with V22+ installations that communicate via UDP;
  • Graphs can sometimes not be written properly because this is complicated by other software. Charts need to keep writing 24/7;
  • Installing, for example, another SercoVision revision or other software is sometimes necessary and complicated by a password from the administrator;
  • If the dealer or support has logged in to analyse problems, the end user cannot proceed further on the work PC;
  • When restarting the PC, it must first be discussed whether the open software can be used closed.

Installing SercoVision on a separate PC intended for this purpose has many important advantages:

  • It runs stand-alone, without any influence from other installed software, other than necessary;
  • No privacy-sensitive information is visible;
  • A permanent connection (for example, TeamViewer) can be made so that you can quickly log in in the event of emergencies;
  • If there are problems, they can be resolved without hindering the end user;
  • Virus scanners and firewalls can be temporarily disabled without immediately causing problems;
  • The end user can easily reach the PC via a VPN connection, or an icon on their work PC is sufficient to activate this connection;
  • Restarts, and other analysis software can be run smoothly without potentially getting in the way of other software;
  • Graphs are written with a significantly smaller chance of problems and, therefore, gaps in the graphs.

We hope that you will take the above arguments into account in the future when installing SercoVision.

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