Workshops Green Digitalisation

Workshops Green Digitalisation

Workshops Green Digitalisation

SERCOM and Inholland will organise two workshops for users of Sercom process computers.

Workshop 1

  • Workshop 1 is about plant balances (Plant Empowerment) and how sensors play an important role in this. Plant Empowerment aims to optimise plant growth. This is done by supporting the plant in maintaining the balance between energy, water, and assimilation.
  • The operation, location (horizontal/vertical) and maintenance of the various sensors are discussed.

This workshop will last three hours. Workshop 1 will take place on Tuesday March 12 2024.

Workshop 2

  • In Workshop 2, graphs, the operation of the computer, and the RTR The Radiation-Temperature-Ratio (The Radiation-Temperature Ratio for a fictitious greenhouse) is discussed on day one.
  • On day two, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of new sensors. This is how, for example, the sap flow meter is treated.
  • On day three, we will discuss moisture and radiation and how you can optimally control these factors. Inholland uses simulation tools for this.

Workshop 2 is a three-day workshop, three hours each day. This workshop will take place on Tuesday March 12, 19 and 26 2024.

Costs and registration

These workshops are free and we will organize them if there is sufficient interest.

You can register for one or both of these workshops using the form below.

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