Training at Hortilife in Mexico

Training at Hortilife in Mexico

Training at Hortilife in Mexico

At SERCOM, we believe in the importance of cultivating strong relationships with our distributors, who are not only our partners but also our driving force!

For this reason, we recently had the privilege of conducting training at the new and modern offices of Hortilife, located in Querétaro, led by our project manager, Ignacio Rodriguez Gracia.

The training was specially designed for three of our top distributors: Fertiriego, TAPSA, and Leyton Green House and Supply. During five intensive hours, engineers from our distributors had the opportunity to learn more about the SC400 and SC800 controllers, designed to offer precise control of irrigation and climate.

It was a unique opportunity to share knowledge, explore new features, and strengthen collaboration among teams.

We thank our dear distributors for their dedication and enthusiasm; their commitment is essential to our joint success!

We continue to move forward together towards a greener and more prosperous future!

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