[Englisch] Software opportunities SercoVision options

Software opportunities SercoVision options


Many interesting and useful options have been developed within SercoVision over the years. Mainly to simplify operation and to get more out of your process computer. This benefits the overview within your greenhouse, saving energy and water and a possible improvement of your company policy.

Not everyone is aware of these possibilities and we thought it was a good time to bring this to your attention even more. We have enlisted the help of an external company that will focus on explaining these important software applications.

The company GHBD from Hoek van Holland has taken on the task, together with Sercom, to make a selection of our customers for whom this software expansion could be of significance. Chances are, therefore, that you will soon be approached by them to go deeper into these various software options.

Because we do not want to approach you unsolicited, you will receive a message from us announcing this. You can of course indicate that you are not interested in knowing more about this.

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