German Sercom user develops cucumber beer

German Sercom user develops cucumber beer

Cucumber drinks have been growing in popularity for years. Water or sparkling water with a slice of cucumber is healthy and trendy and hip clubs complete their gin and tonics with a slice of green. Cucumber grower André Busigel takes it one step further. The German grower has developed his own cucumber beer.

Cucumber beer

German SERCOM user develops cucumber beerThanks to the collaboration with Mark Gallo, beer specialist from Munich, the first experiment was started in late March. Small cucumber slices have been used to fill the vessels at Brewery Frankens. This results in remarkable and special odors in the brewery.

This month the grower and brewer could sample their brew. According to Busigel it certainly tastes good. “A fresh, fruity aroma with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideal for the summer. A drink that not only men will like.”


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