[angielski] Modern equipment for Greek growers

[angielski] Modern equipment for Greek growers

Greek supplier Agrostis

supplier Agrostis

supplier AgrostisIn the near future, the Greek government intends to stimulate growth in several sectors including professional horticulture. SERCOM has started a collaboration with the horticultural supplier Agrostis from Thessaloniki.

There is a growing interest in Greece for climate- and irrigation-control systems, systems for labour registration and fumigators. The agrofood chain in Greece is dynamic and developing rapidly. There are many options, especially in horticulture. The consumption of greenhouse crops is growing, and it is expected that major investments will be made in the next few years in agriculture and horticulture. SERCOM completely automated the installations in the modern tunnel greenhouses of a courgette-growing company in Greece. We expect to realise a 20% increase in yield and improve the quality considerably.

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