[angielski] Renewed CO meter launched

[angielski] Renewed CO meter launched

Renewed CO meter launched

The Sercom CO meter is a product that has been well-known within the (inter)national horticultural world for many years. In 2021, this system was re-examined and some important changes were made.

The software and hardware have been adjusted in such a way that it is actually a completely new design. The basic function of the CO meter will of course remain the same, namely monitoring the measured toxic gas concentration. It uses three buttons for easy operation.

Sample gas flow protection

An important addition to the functionality is the integration of a sample gas flow protection. A gas temperature sensor is fitted to the detector for this purpose. The measured gas temperature is also passed to the meter via the standard 4-20mA cabling. This serves as the basis of the integrated flow alarm.

The burner can be actively monitored with a digital input. As a result, no gas flow alarm can be generated during the periods when the burner is inactive.

Gas flow detection

In addition to the integrated gas flow control, there is also the option of performing the gas flow detection with an external sensor. You can use both analogue and digital flow or pressure sensors for this.

Despite these functional enhancements, the dimensions and connections of the meter are completely identical to those of the previous generation. Any replacement is therefore very easy to perform. This new version is equipped with a colour display. The CO meter is also equipped with a full-colour front plate to easily distinguish it from the previous version.

New here is a key that you can use to call up the graph screen or the system pages. Both the measured concentration (CO or NO) and the gas temperature can be read on a linear or semi-logarithmic scale. This is possible over a period of up to 8 days.

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