[angielski] SERCOM develops compact combined print

[angielski] SERCOM develops compact combined print

SERCOM develops compact combined print for smaller compartments

After the successful launch of the Wireless Xtender in January of last year, SERCOM will also present a special development this year, during the HortiContact 2019.

It concerns an I/O print that has especially been designed for the smaller compartment. With the development of this print, SERCOM wants to meet growers who work with compartments in which relatively few processes need to be arranged. In contrast to the prints that have been supplied so far, the new print only has 14 inputs / outputs. It consists of a combination of analogue in, digital in and digital out. This makes the investment a lot more attractive, also because the box of the field station is a lot smaller than the standard cabinets. As a result, the threshold for an investment of automating a modest greenhouse or a roller greenhouse is significantly reduced.

Of course, the new combined print is also easy to fit into the aforementioned wireless system, with which field stations can be controlled up to a distance of about five kilometres. During the HortiContact 2019, you can get all information at the stand of SERCOM (E132).

More information? Contact us via sales@sercom.nl.

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