[angielski] Sercom user Fruchthof Hensen

[angielski] Sercom user Fruchthof Hensen

Start of the season at Fruchthof Hensen

Fruchthof Hensen

The first domestic strawberries from protected cultivation are already being harvested for about two weeks. The greenhouse at Fruchthof Hensen in Swisttal, Rhineland, has also been bustling since the first week of April. „Compared to last year, this year’s harvest of our greenhouse goods has started a few days earlier. We will be able to pick larger quantities successively from this week onwards; at Easter we tend to observe a tight supply situation,” says Irmgard Hensen, who runs the company together with her husband Ralf.

The Hensen couple also looks with concern at the current energy prices and other cost increases on the part of production. „The big question in this year’s season will of course be …

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