[Английский] Better results with Sercom labour registration system

[Английский] Better results with Sercom labour registration system

Better results with Sercom labour registration system

More control over work and production in the greenhouse means more efficiency. SERCOM, together with Nitea, has developed a practical solution for managing all relevant data in one central location: a labour registration system. This provides better insight into the processes and allows adjustment as necessary.

Labour registration system

With the path registration system from SERCOM, your employees register the work they have done in a particular location in the greenhouse quickly and simply. Thanks to the clever WORK-IT software, it is possible to follow all activities and the progress in the company at one central location. This permits more efficient planning and deployment of your employees, which can lead to up to 15% reduction in labour. In addition, diseases and pests are noticed earlier, allowing prompt measures to be taken. This results in better quality, higher yields and reduced use of herbicides.


This system, with the associated Work-IT software, is an indispensable aid for employers who want to improve their operating results. It is also eminently suitable for companies spread over several locations. The Work-IT software can be adjusted to suit your wishes, making it a registration programme that is easy to work with. SERCOM has produced the Work-IT software in eight languages. Would you like to know more about what SERCOM and its Work-IT can mean for your situation? Please contact one of our dealers or SERCOM. We would be happy to show you the possibilities.

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