[Английский] Expansion of the SC400 range

[Английский] Expansion of the SC400 range

Expansion of the SC400 range


After the introduction of the SC400, the process computer that focuses on one greenhouse section or only irrigation, we have further developed this system into several models that are tailored to the individual requirements within the greenhouse or watering.

We started with one version for climate management and one for fertiliser dosing. Meanwhile, four models have now been developed for each of these functions. This makes it easier to choose the SC400 system that best suits the situation and wishes of the grower.

For the climate versions, a distinction is made between the control of various aeration systems and screens, heating and the management or otherwise of functions such as lighting, CO2 and misting. For the irrigation version you can choose between controlling EC and/or pH and managing the pumps and taps without further additives, such as occurs in tree nurseries or cultivation in open fields. The new versions also remain very competitively priced.

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