[Английский] General increases in delivery times and prices

General increases in delivery times and prices

Delivery timesIn recent months, shortages of various raw materials have arisen worldwide because manufacturers have produced less than normal for a period of time. This includes plastic, paper and metal.

Recently, the demand for production and products has increased again. The result of the increased need and increasing demand is the extension of delivery times and the rise in prices. It is not known when the market will normalise. A number of suppliers of injection moulding materials indicate that they expect to experience difficulties until at least Q3.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict which materials we use will be affected as we make purchases per order. We ask you to try to take longer delivery times and possibly higher prices into account. The new price lists for 2021 will be sent in April. We have not yet had to increase the prices except for the normal annual indexation. We hope, of course, that this will remain the case.

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