[Английский] Sercom dealer Montera celebrates 50th anniversary

[Английский] Sercom dealer Montera celebrates 50th anniversary

Sercom dealer Montera celebrates 50th anniversary

Montera Techniek celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday. The anniversary was celebrated with a reception for customers and with a barbecue with (former) colleagues in the evening. Laurens van Es, project and business unit manager, spoke on behalf of the birthday company from Pijnacker. The anecdotes, facts and figures below come from his speech.

Laurens was not even born when Montera Techniek (short for Montage elektronische regel apparatuur) was founded, as he noted at the start of his speech on Saturday. Nevertheless, he managed to flawlessly recount the company history, but not before calling co-founder and guest of honour Louis Wubben forward.

Why does Montera have that name?

Montera emerged in 1973 from the former Van Vliet, which later changed its name to …

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