[angielski] Universally applicable wireless RS485 connection

[angielski] Universally applicable wireless RS485 connection

New PCB for wireless RS485 connection between process computer and control PC

Wireless RS485 Xtender

After the introduction of the Wireless Xtender, with which a wireless connection can be made between the climate computer and individual field stations, we continued this development with the introduction of a PCB that enables a wireless connection between the process computer and the control PC.

This print can easily be connected to the operating PC or laptop in the office. The same print can be placed in the process computer on location. After this, a connection is automatically established between the two locations. Then it’s possible to monitor and operate the climate computer within a distance of 5 kilometers.

This technology, which is based on radio waves, just like the Wireless Xtender, is not limited to a connection between the process computer and the operating PC, but can be applied to any system or device that works with an RS485 cable connection as standard.

Technical specifications

  • Can be used without having to use a PC to configure it (Plug & Play);
  • Automatic baud rate recognition;
  • Automatic data format recognition and setting;
  • Protocol independent;
  • Automatic end-of-message detection;
  • Suitable for 868MHz for long range;
  • USB connection and is powered directly from the USB port.
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